Manadhir Naga

Your Employer. The Silvan-Kiimuran Advisor for Crimson & Sons, Ltd.


The Silvan Serpent is a rising star for Houses Silva and Kiimura. He has carved his own niche in the power structure, and from it cultivated this Alliance into more than just a trade agreement. His methods involve lifting others up to fulfil his needs, but his touch is ever light: he is more than willing to prune his bower if necessary.

His increasing Rep has been used to purchase his current sleeve – a biosleeve with serpentine features which pushes the limits of the HPA. His newfound Rep and silver tongue have helped him to edge his way into the higher echelons of society, and he is quick to take advantage of this.

Perhaps a little too quick, however; the hierarchy is wary of new blood, and unafraid to spill it to preserve the status quo.

Manadhir Naga

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