Nova Praxis: based on a hybrid of the Fate Core and Strands of Fate systems in a cyberpunk setting. Low-life, high-tech, with more than a dash of intrigue.

Mimir has gone, but its Archives remain: the great trove of knowledge created for the benefit of Humanity. Within the expanse of data were blueprints for clean power, molecular assemblers, interstellar travel, human digitisation… The Singularity was a miracle. However, the change was too much for the old Governments, who destroyed themselves in their blind clawing for power. The Houses who rose from the ashes learnt from their mistakes, rescuing the remains of the population and expanding across the stars.

Today, the Transhuman movement is preparing for a push against the Humanity Preservation Act. In reaction, fundamentalist Purifiers have begun attacking those who dare craft their own evolution.

House Jinzhan, arguably the most Purist of the six Houses, has been making its own preparations in response to recent events. And they have been ruthless in hiding their true intentions.

There has also been a recent increase in accidents relating to Archivists and R&D facilities. Word on the streams is that there are surprises for those who venture too far into the Archives. The less superstitious mumble about in-fighting and scuffles over bleeding edge science.

Whatever is going on, tensions are rising. The stakes are getting higher, and it won’t be long before certain parties will be bargaining everything on their last chip.

Nova Praxis

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