Rho is known as ‘The Jewel of Luna’, and with good reason. It is the greatest centre of wealth in the galaxy, a city of decadence and excess whose casinos can make or break a person’s Reputation overnight. The main controlling force behind Rho is House Cipriani, although all Houses have some influence here.

The city is housed beneath a single atmospheric dome on the near side of the moon, containing a central lake and a massive tower near each of its ordinal points. All other buildings go up to only a few storeys tall, except for Los Torres Del Fortuna, the palace in the centre of the lake. The small district of Casasogni is nestled in the crescent of El Lago del Luna, with parkland on the far side where clones of animals from Earth roam.

The four towers each belong to a different gambling guild, which is linked to a parent House:

Other places of interest include:

  • The Luna Reserve: the parkland run by Vitae of House Silva, in the centre of which lies The Lodge.
  • The Gordian Raceway: intertwining throughout and above the city lies the galaxy-famous lancer racetrack
  • The Undercity: where the service sector is generally based. A network of tunnels and underground rooms, where the laundry and laundering are done.


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