El Dorado

El Dorado is the Silvan Gambling Guild on Luna. It is based in the Southeast corner of Rho at the edge of the Luna Reserve. The nearby Lodge is affiliated with El Dorado. The RepChip denomination used here is the Oro.

El Dorado is known for its decadence and thirst for new fads and fashions, and controversy is even welcomed here. Their style is sometimes considered by more conservative individuals to be in bad taste. Silva’s breakthroughs in bioengineering are very much showcase pieces here, and transhumans are relatively commonplace.

The constant hunting for the next craze also extends to the methods of gambling here, which can change like the wind. Recently AR treasure hunts have been popular, but this is likely to change again soon. The more constant gambling practices here reflect the specialities of El Dorado’s parent House: frequent hunting contests are held by the nearby Lodge, and in the basement a large Genecraft racecourse is used as a public testbed for Silva’s latest creations.

Recreational drugs are also popular here, since Silva’s pharmaceutical subsidiary Nectar are the leaders in the field.

El Dorado

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