The Hanafuda Parlour is Kiimura’s stake in Rho. The atmosphere here is very calm and reserved in comparison with the other Gambling Guilds, with an equal focus on gambling and leisure experiences. The Hanafuda is based in the Southwest corner of Rho, and is a large pagoda-like building surrounded by gardens and occasional floating structures. The style here is organic, minimalist and flowing, following Zen principles.

Gambling here is based around V-sports, martial arts contests and Eastern gambling games such as Pachinko and Mahjong. However, the Hanafuda is most famous for its leisure activities: Rho-exclusive virtual holidays and extreme sports, and the best spa in the galaxy. The Hanafuda Zen Gardens surrounding the Parlour are worth a visit in themselves.

The RepChip currency used here is the meiji.

A recent terrorist attack on the Hanafuda servers led to the Real Deaths of over 14,000 SIMs, so at present security levels here are extremely high, and the premises and staff are outfitted in black for mourning.


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