Olympus is the centre of human civilisation and the seat of Government. The Martian capital city is divided into eight wards, built on the slopes of Olympus Mons. The wards are arcologies built inside atmospheric domes which are designed to block out cosmic radiation and keep in air, although some play with the standard designs.


The central Olympian ward adorns the very peak of Olympus Mons. It is the smallest of the eight, with its main purpose and focal point being the beanstalk which connects Olympus with the orbiting city of Helios. It is shaped like a spire, being the narrowest and tallest ward, and instead of a dome has a triple helix structure which encircles the base of the beanstalk. Daedalus is the economic centre of civilisation, with InterRep being based here as well as a number of Rep-trackers and high Rep companies, notably Icarus Haulage. Consequently, the ward attracts celebrity and is known at night for its high Rep hedonism.


The largest of the Martian wards is a veritable fortress, with large portions of it situated underground – slicing beneath the mountain and Daedalus in a series of wide-bore tunnels. Rather than a classic dome, Rostra’s layout means that its above-ground portion is in the shape of a ring which encircles the mountain near its peak. The transplasmidium shielding here is half again as thick as those of the other wards, and the streets hide an array of automatic defence systems. Security is bolstered by the constant presence of the Legion, and the promise of reinforcements from Deimos at short notice. In case of attack, the underground portion of Rostra (known as the Sanctum) can be locked down, with supplies and armaments speculated to last for years if under siege.

Rostra has a penchant for history, high culture, and breathtaking Neo-Roman architecture. A large number of museums and galleries are dotted through its outer ring, which alone is larger than any of the other wards, despite having but a single level. Service staff tend to live in homes which are built into the outer edge of Rostra, known fondly by inhabitants as The Comb or more scathingly as The Rim.

The Corona

The outer six wards are arranged in a hexagon on the slopes of Olympus Mons, and are collectively known as the Corona. Each of the Corona wards is run by a House, although often Houses will have an influence on other wards due to interdependency.








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